Ubiquity Vol 7

Volume 7 marks the end of Ubiquity, weaving a thread through 50 years of Leonardo, the Balance Unbalance Conference series and an immersion in ecologies, domestic things and quantum states.

This is the final Volume of Ubiquity Journal of Pervasive Media. Ubiquity will be published as Journal of Pervasive Media from Volume 8 (2020).

The editors, Mike Phillips (mike.phillips@plymouth.ac.uk) and Chris Speed (c.speed@ed.ac.uk), would like to thank all Ubiquity authors for their generous contributions to Ubiquity.

Many thanks to Jane Macdonald and the Ubiquity Editorial Board for their support and ubiquitousness.

Ubiquity Editorial Board: Peter Anders,  Architect, Kayvala Consulting, USA / Gianni Corino, Plymouth University, UK / Elisa Giaccardi, TU Delft, Netherlands / Paul Green, Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland / Andy Hudson-Smith, University College London, UK / David McConville, Elumenati.com, USA / Jon Rogers, University of Dundee, UK / Jen Southern, Lancaster University, UK / Paul Thomas, University of New South Wales, Australia / Claudia Westermann, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU), Suzhou, China.

Thanks to Intellect and the journal team for their patience (and synonyms), organization and support over the Ubiquity’s lifetime.

Thank you Masoud!