Acknowledging the situated nature of ubiquitous experiences the journal hosts a practical symposium between each edition. Entitled ‘Labs’ the intention is to explore a variety of non-standard media technologies/practices (such as scanning electron microscopy, RFID tagging and plant biology) that challenge conventional notions of cultural production. These Labs often use technical and cultural instruments as a focus that allows a syllabus to be evolved reflexively according to the different participants and stakeholders. The Lab model provides an intensive burst of activity that ignites a production process and a conversation between participants from different backgrounds. They allow collaboration in areas with people outside of their comfort zone and provoke a proactive engagement with broader issues to their own disciplines. This enables an engagement with non-familiar, non-standard practices and also unlocks interdisciplinary relationships.

These technologies and associated practices open up new understandings of the world. More dimensions are unveiled, more realities are modelled and more truths envisioned, but framed within isolated disciplines these new visions of reality are lost to the broader culture. There are more things in heaven and earth than currently understood in our media philosophy.

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