The distributed artist
Benjamin Rabe
Artist and Web Developer

With powerful mobile computers in our pockets we are but at the beginning of not only letting creativity re-enter our daily routine (through the use of mobile devices), but also of embracing data as a new material, using electrons instead of atoms to reach out to and touch the observer. Artwork created in this way will become less static and eternal, and more interwoven and adaptable as we keep changing.

The ELVSS files: International collaboration in mobile movie-making
Daniel Wagner, Unitec New Zealand
In March 2012, 40 students in three countries collaboratively engaged in trans-national movie-making with their mobile phones. In this global experiment, dubbed ‘Entertainment Lab for the Very Small Screen’ (ELVSS), the international teams (each containing members from all three countries) employed Web 2.0 platforms (Alexander 2006) to collaborate across space and time, creating mobile movies that explored issues around environmental sustainability.

‘E Vaine Toa’
Karen Curley, Massey University
Max R. C. Schleser, Massey University
“E Vaine Toa” was filmed and edited on location in Rarotonga during a 10 day production in November 2012. Working in collaboration with a mobile filmmaking crew from Massey University, Wellington and the Cook Islands National Council of Woman this mobile-mentary (mobile documentary) captures the voice of women in the Cook Islands and encourages their participation in governance and leadership.

24 Frames 24 Hours
Max R. C. Schleser and Tim Turnidge, Massey University
24 Frames 24 Hours defines mobile film-making in a cultural context. The study draws on new paradigms of participation and simultaneously analyses creative processes while developing connections in the local community in a global perspective. Besides the aesthetic refinement of mobile film-making, the research project is a prototype for community involvement through creative practices. Local communities engage in mobile film-making and shape representations about their communities and futures. Through a custom-design, user-interface with GPS functionality, mobile videos will be linked into a global collaborative documentary project. Innovation will manifest itself in leveraging into twenty-first-century creativity and new forms of self-expression.