Aleph: Near Future laboratory

Aleph: Near Future Laboratory

The Near Future Laboratory is a design and technology collective. We design and make tangible things and speculative things, always trying to be a bit provocative – to show how things could be in the near future. We try to show different near futures from conventional, mainstream ideas of what the future will be like and look like. We work for ourselves and our own curiosities and also for standards clients (BBVA, Orange, SEB, Nokia).

Nicolas Nova is a writer, ethnographer and co-founder of the Near Future Laboratory. He is also Professor at the Geneva University of Arts and Design (HEAD). He holds a Ph.D. in Human- Computer Interaction from the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL, Switzerland) and has been a visiting researcher at the Art Center School of Design (Pasadena). He is finally curator for Lift Conference, a series of international events about digital culture and innovation.

Contact: The Near Future Laboratory, CP 242 CH-3960 Sierre, Switzerland.