Jon Ardern & Anab Jain

Small, but perfectly formed, Superflux remains a centre for collaborative design, working at the intersection of emerging technologies and everyday life to design for a world in flux.

“At Superflux we work closely with clients on strategy for product and service invention. The Superflux Lab is a space to play with new ideas, tools and emerging technologies. We never started off with a grand vision and I think we still struggle to describe what we do, in a couple of sentences. I suppose conceptually, creatively, intellectually, we want to pursue areas of interest that might start having a wider scope, outside of what we are calling our ‘echo chamber’. Increasingly, our vision now is: moving towards reaching new audiences with our work, new communities, new groups of people, new territories, where we can apply some of the things we have been thinking about and the skills we have been developing, to have a bigger impact. We want be able to challenge things and ourselves, either by working at a larger scale, or in a completely different area.”

Aleph explores the vision, organizational architectures and projects that exemplify the adventures of the design team who are remembered for getting playful Internet of Things device into the market whilst most people were still wondering about smart kettles and fridges.